About SAMANTHA LU ★ 盧珊簡介


Leo P.

Samantha is great!  She has been really informative and patient.  My girlfriend and I have been spending time trying to find the right property in the past couple months through third party real estate website.  The more we looked into, the more confusing it gets.  Until we met Samantha, who stood out and gave us professional advise on what to do, how to do, and the stuff we shall be avoiding when searching. Professional service and consultation!

Charlie Y.

Samantha Lu helped me look for and evaluate different prospects and did quite a lot in making sure what I get is the best in deal.  For the best interest of mine, she stood out as one of a kind.  Thank you, Samantha.

Jake S.

Samantha is very professional and friendly agent.  We are first time buying business in Canada.  She gave us really professional advises.  She is really patient for communication to buyer with seller.  Samantha is the best Realtor you can trust.  She always answer your question on time.  She helped me a lot!


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